Resin 7 Technology increase stiffness and durability by replacing traditional wood glue with resin in a 7-ply maple skateboard. This Construction is used exclusively by Cliche, Enjoi, Almost, Blind, Darkstar, and Zero.

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P2 Technology

P2 decks use a thin maple core reinforced with a super strong Aramid Fiber insert on the top of the deck. The insert increases the nose to tail strength of the deck and creates higher long lasting pop for ollies. This technology is used in decks by Creature, Santa Cruz Skateboards, Flip, and Plan B.

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Black Ice

Black Ice is a slick bottom technology that helps make any obstacle sliceable. Boards with a Black Ice bottom sheet slide further and faster than traditional skateboards. Unlike most slick bottoms, black is light weight and stiffer than a normal 7-ply skateboard. This technology is only used by Plan B Skateboards.

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Impact Light technology combines a 7 ply epoxy resin glue skateboard and a die-cut carbon fiber insert laminate. The laminate is inserted into the top of the deck and makes it stronger, lighter, and longer lasting than a traditional skateboard deck. This technology is available in decks by Cliche, Enjoi, Almost, and Zero.

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Impact Plus Technology features an 8-ply North American core laminated with Epoxy Glue. This board has Carbon-Fiber inserts on both the top of the deck and the bottom of the deck underneath the truck mounts. This combination creates a deck with great long lasting pop and unbeatable durability. The Carbon-Fiber inserts prevent stress cracking and make your deck last much longer than a traditional skate deck. This construction is available from Almost, Enjoi, Zero, and Cliche.

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Impact Support Technology is the combination of an 8-ply epoxy resin maple skateboard deck and two Carbon-Fiber inserts. The Carbon fiber inserts provide impact protection where your trucks mount to the board preventing stress cracks and elongating the life of your board. Board with this construction are longer laster and retain their pop better than a traditional maple skate deck. This technology is available in Cliche, Enjoi, Zero, and Almost skateboard decks.

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Double Impact

Double Impact Technology combines a 7-ply maple skateboard with 2 carbon fiber laminate disks and a full carbon-fiber top laminate. This combination creates unmatched deck strength, exceptional pop, and a longer lasting more durable board.

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Real Slick Botom

Real's Slick bottom technology is a ribbed polymer bottom sheet that is fused to an R1 maple deck. The slick bottom makes sliding stickier surfaces easier for less drag and more fun. This tech is only available on Real Skateboards.

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Low Pro II

Designed using low pro’s proven center pressed construction Low Pro II has a slight nose to tail rocker, lowering the deck’s center of gravity for more control and a quicker pop.

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7ply Maple

7-ply Hard Rock maple construction is the most common and most trusted in skateboard deck manufacturing. This construction consists of 7 plies of 1/16" hard rock maple veneer laminated with waterproof wood glue under high pressure. This construction creates a deck that is high performance, durable, and low cost. Although many manufacturers use this construction method, the best decks are manufactured using high quality maple from the great lakes region, cold-pressed in a single cavity mold. Decks with this construction are made by most skateboard brands.

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