How to Pick the Right Size Skateboard Deck

How do I pick the right size skateboard deck? That's a question we get all the time. Choosing the right skateboard deck can be easy if you follow the following guidelines. 

Skateboard width is the most important dimension when picking the right skateboard deck. Adult sizes range from 7.5"-9" from the major brands. Narrower boards from 7.5"-8.25" are better for street skating and flip tricks. Wider sizes from 8.25"-9" are best for bowls and vert. After taking your riding style into preference make sure to consider your show size in relation to the width of the deck. If you have big feet you should get a deck on the wider side of the spectrum.

Skateboard length is measured in inches from Nose to Tail. Skateboard length does not vary much (between 30"-32") and is not the primary measurement when selecting the right deck. Don't worry about the length of your skateboard if you are a begginer or intermediate skater. 

Skateboard wheelbase is the distance between the two innermost moutnting holes, this is generally between 13"-14". Longer wheel bases create a more stable ride at high speed but will have a larger turning radius.