Skateboard Guides

We're here to help you learn more about skateboarding. From skateboard guides like how to build your own skateboard complete, to our online skate shop store policies, you'll find everything you need in our help center.

Deck Sizing

Don't buy the wrong size of board. Read this and get the right skateboard under your feet!

Deck Sizing Guide

Truck Sizing Guide

Find out what truck width to pair with what board width.

Truck Sizing Guide

Deck 2

What the hell is Impact, P2, Black Ice and all this other stuff? We'll tell you.

Deck Technology


Trucks are a pivotal part of your setup. We'll tell you what you need.

Truck Tech

Recommended Skateboard Setups

First time buying a skateboard? Use our recommended setups to get the right sized components.

Recommended Setups


Wheels keep you rolling, having the wrong ones can bring that to an end quickly.

Wheel Tech

Nut's Bolts Etc.

Nuts, Bolts, Grip,'s all important stuff. Make sure you aren't missing anything.

Component Tech (Coming Soon!)


Bearings vary dramatically in quality and price. Learn what you need, and what you don't.

Bearing Tech (COMING SOON)

How To Apply Grip Tape

Grip is Essential, learn how to put it on.

How to Install Grip Tape (Coming Soon!)