How to Build a Complete Skateboard

What parts do I need to build a complete skateboard? We'll tell ya. Skateboards combine a wide array of pieces and parts for your skateboarding pleasure. From bearings to bolts we'll cover each part of a board, if you need it, and how many you need to build your complete. 

What You Need to Complete a Skateboard

Grip Tape is an adhesive backed aggregate tape that provides traction for the top of a skateboard. One 9"x33" sheet is needed to grip a skateboard.

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A skateboard deck provides the riding platform of your skateboard. It is made of 7 plies of hardrock maple laminated with concave, a nose, and a tail. One deck is needed for a complete skateboard. Need help with sizing? Check out our Deck Sizing Guide article. Want to learn about skateboard tech? Check out our Deck Tech Guide.

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Skateboard Hardware are the nuts (10-32) and bolts (1") that connect your trucks to your board. To complete a skateboard you need one set, there are 8 nuts, and 8 bolts in total.

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Skateboard Trucks are the aluminum and steel components that allow your board to turn. To complete a skateboard you need to buy two trucks. For more information read our Truck Tech article. For help with getting the right size, read our truck sizing guide.

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Skateboard wheels are made of polyurethane and allow your board to roll, grip, and slide. Four wheels are needed to complete a skateboard. For more information read our Wheel Tech article.

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Bearings are the steel elements within your wheel that allow it to spin. You need 1 set (8 bearings) to complete a skateboard. To learn more about bearing tech and raings read our Bearing Tech article. 

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Bearing spacers are metal cylinders that provide the proper spacing between your bearings. Many bearing sets come with spacers, they are not necessary but do help improve the ride and longevity of your skateboard. 1 set (4 spacers) is needed to complete a skateboard. (OPTIONAL HARDWARE)

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Deck Rails are optional but fun. These plastic rails protect your graphic from scatching, give your board an oldschool look, and can provide a superior slide. One set (2 rails) are needed to complete a skateboard. (OPTIONAL)

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Build Your Complete Skateboard

Our online board builder is the easiest way to make your complete skateboard. Learn to unleash the full power of our skateboard builder with a fun 60 second lesson.

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